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Tanya Andrews, Executive Director
phone: 253-627-6031
Brenda Hanan, Director of Communication and Operations
phone: 253-627-6031
Debbie Kray, Director of Education
phone: 253-627-6031
Alysia Jines, Exhibits & Program Coordinator
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Deean Marsh, Experience & Program Manager
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The Children's Museum of Tacoma provides the community with opportunities for children to learn and grow. Serving many ages, museum exhibits and programs bring families closer together through play, creation and imagination. Unique, hands-on exhibits create a place to explore and dream. Children will test independence and gain self-confidence through the arts, sciences and creative play. Come play!

Come Party at the Museum

Looking for the perfect party location where we do all of the work? The Children's Museum of Tacoma lets you enjoy your party and your guests while our staff takes care of the rest. Design a party to fit your schedule, your budget, and your child's dreams. From special theme parties to hands-on activities, the Children's Museum knows how to celebrate a birthday -- reserve your party today!


The Children's Museum of Tacoma was established in 1985 by parents, teachers, and community leaders dedicated to creating unique resources for families in Tacoma and the South Puget Sound Region. The Museum opened in 1986 as a non-profit organization and remained in its original downtown Tacoma location for 10 years, rotating single theme exhibits every 18-months.

Due to excellence in education, programming, and hands-on exhibits, the Museum earned a reputation as a cornerstone for early learning. As a result, the Museum's physical location and size could no longer accommodate the community's demand for its services. In 1987, the Museum's Board of Directors voted to relocate to the Theater District's historic Kress Building, here the Museum featured both single and multiple-theme exhibits and an array of complementary programming in its 3,800 square foot, storefront location.

The move to a new, larger space - combined with the support of early learning programs and Museum access - fulfills objectives of the Museum's five-year Strategic Plan. It's just one of the priorities that allows us to increase capacity, audience, and access; promote fun, learning, and the wonder of childhood; and demonstrate innovation, playfulness, and excellence.

Educational Programs

Here are some of our popular programs:

  • Power Plays: Catch us daily at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. as our staff extend, enhance, and facilitate play experiences in the Museum. From ice explorations in Water, to helicopter launching from Voyager, or ramp testing in Invention, you're sure to make new discoveries in each of our exciting playscapes.
  • Sparks: What sparks your imagination and creativity? Join us every Saturday as Museum staff, artists, and community partners share their spark and provide hands-on opportunities for families to explore art, science, invention, or craft. Watch the sparks fly as we dig into the day's featured activities.
  • Play to Learn: Play to Learn is for parents, grandparents, neighbors, family, and friends who nurture children ages six and under. Each week's new theme offers individual play, fun group activities, songs, and circle time for children and adults to enjoy together.
  • Wee Ones Weekly: Drop in and enjoy thematic and musical programs perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and their grown-ups. Program participation includes 30 minutes of exclusive play in the Museum.


Our publications include:

  • Annual Report
  • Annual Newsletter
  • Quarterly Newsletter


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