Street Address
1701 Mountain Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Mailing Address
1701 Mountain Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
phone: 505-224-8300
Monday - Saturday10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday12 PM - 6 PM
Adults, ages 12-64 $8
Youth, ages 1-11 $4
Armelle Casau, Visitor Services Director
Ellen Welker, External Relations Manager


Explora is part science center,part children’s museum, part free-choice school, part grandma’s attic, part grandpa’s garage, part laboratory, part neighborhood full of interesting people, and part of many people’s lives.

Explora is a place where families can get to know each other better, learn together, and share new experiences of the basic processes and materials investigated and used by science, technology and art. Explora’s exhibit activities engage people of all ages with small-scale materials and equipment in personal spaces where they can communicate comfortably with family and friends, manipulate a wide range of physical variables, and develop their own thinking about what they are experiencing.

Your birthday child will enjoy a hands-on science experiment or art project and will be proud to share the experience with their party guests in your own private birthday party room. They will also love delving into the Explora exhibits with their friends and family. We offer a wide variety of age-appropriate programs from which you can choose and two birthday party packages to suit your taste. Birthday Parties are for 15 children and 10 adults, or for 25 guests over age 16.

Visit Ideas, the Store at Explora, and find unusual gifts that inspire the imagination and challenge the creative process. Find smart gifts for others or for yourself. Ideas features books, science kits and sets, various puzzles and constructive toys. We also have clocks, kaleidoscopes, plasma spheres, and other unique gift items. The store is open daily during regular museum hours. Explora members and educators receive a 10% discount. All proceeds benefit your favorite non-profit - Explora!

Educational Programs

Use Explora’s Guide to Educational Pograms to select a program.