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Heather Mcclenahan, Assistant Director
phone: 505-662-6272
Hedy Dunn, Museum Director
phone: 505-662-6272
Rebecca Collinsworth, Archivist
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Kathy Ankeny, Shop Manager
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Diane Starkovich, Publications Clerk
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Phil Logan, Publications Clerk
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Stephanie Yeamans, Registrar
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We preserve and interpret the 1.5 million years of history of the area, from the explosion of a volcano that shaped our landscape to the explosion of the atomic bomb made in our town that shaped the world both militarily and scientifically. We plan to administer the historic home of Manhattan Project Scientific Director, J. Robert Oppenheimer and open a newly-restored homesteading cabin on our grounds.


Our Historical Society was formed in 1968 to preserve the former guest cottage of the Los Alamos Ranch School, a private log and stone cottage that was part of the core buildings taken by the Manhattan Project under eminent domain to use as the site to develop the atomic bomb for military use during World War II. The Historical Society is now the largest such organization in the state with almost 600 local and nation-wide members. We also have a research archives and have published over 30 books on local history and natural history.

Artifacts Collections

Our collections consist of 2,983 accessions divided into 5,680 artifacts and 11,813 documents. These items include the broad categories of archaeology, ethnology, homesteading, Los Alamos Ranch School, Manhattan Project, early and recent Los Alamos history. Artifacts include everything from pottery to textiles, photographs, maps, documents, art work, domestic or household items, and every kind of material including wood, paper, cotton, metal, ceramic, etc. Currently artifacts are stored by era rather than by material.

Educational Programs

Exhibitions (permanent and temporary as well as traveling); Teacher workshops as well as teacher resources on our website; docent tours of historic area and museum; gallery tours on request; monthly free lectures; publishing of relevant historical and natural history books.


Access: General Public, Students, Scholars, Members

Appointment required: Yes


Quarterly newsletter and annual report. We publish pamphlets on specialty topics for periodic free distribution to large donors. Also, an ambitious program of publishing history books on local themes.

  • Los Alamos Historical Society Newsletter
  • Los Alamos Historical Society Annual Report
  • "Nutshell" publications for major donors
  • Thirty books all available on or our website


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