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Garryowen, MT 59031
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Rhonda Elhard, Executive assistant to the director
phone: 406-638-1876
Chris Kortlander, Director
phone: 406-638-1876


The Custer Battlefield Museum located where the battle began houses the largest collection of Battle of the Little Big Horn artifacts in the world. Also on display is one of the largest collections of D.F. Barry Photographs. We have collected an extensive collection of Lewis and Clark items, Indian Artifacts and weaponry. A fully loaded Remmington pistol found here at Garryowen is on display. Tom Custer's Kerr Revolver is also on display. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located adjacient to the museum.


One Hundred twenty eight years ago the Battle of the Little Big Horn was fought on the soil that would be Garryowen. In 1995 the Custer Battlefield was founded by Christopher Kortlander. The museum has grown leaps and bounds to include many new exhibits such as a Golden Eagle Feather War Bonnet worn in Battle by Cheyenne Chief Little Wolf. A full Crow Indian Parade Saddle and the controversial Crazy Horse Tin Type. This is truely a significant growing collection.

Artifacts Collections

The Custer Battlefield Museum houses extensive new exhibits including hundreds of Custer Battlefield artifacts from the Battle of the Little Big Horn and the Plains Indian War Period. Many items related to Custer, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the 7th Cavalry, as well as an acclaimed collection of highly historic photographs by D.F. Barry, are part of the exhibit. Preserved for example, is the contract for Sitting Bull's appearance in the famous Buffalo Bill Wild West Show. In the exhibit is a lock of Custer's Hair, Captain Tom W. Custer's Kerr revolver, Little Wolf's battle worn eagle feather war bonnet, war clubs, and trade knives, cavalry spurs, and boot soles and An Army pistol dropped on the Reno retreat route stull fully loaded. A significant collection of battle vintage beaded clothing on exhibit adds to bronzes, paintings, and other memorabilia to create an educational tour through the vanished American frontier.


The museum has federal status as a 501 c-3 Non Profit, and that we accept all typs of donations. Thank you for your help in this matter.