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102 East Third Street
Merrill, WI 54452
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Dee Koepke, Office Assistant
phone: 715-536-5652


Currently we have three buildings: one houses our office/library; a second (converted church building)houses exhibits and provides meeting space; the third is a storage facility for artifacts. We are in the process of constructing an addition to the former church structure that will allow us to combine the office, library, and exhibit areas. Also, in conjunction with the County Fair Board, we operate the Brickyard Country School Museum during the fair and in September for first grade classes.


The mission of the Merrill Historical Society, Inc. is to enhance the understanding and appreciation of local, state and national heritage to make the perspective of the past a part of contemporary life. The Society helps make the past live for citizens of the Merrill area and elsewhere because knowing the past is crucial to understanding the present and preparing for the future.


The Merrill Historical Society was founded in 1978.

Artifacts Collections

Local history

Research Collections

Local history

Educational Programs

Exhibitions, gallery tours. Student programs at the Brickyard School Museum.


Lecture Halls

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The Merrill Historical Society, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors that may range from thirteen to seventeen members.


Access: General Public

Appointment required: Yes


Newsletter. 3-4 per year


Research appointment

A research appointment is a necessity. We operate with a volunteer staff and in order to assist you and make the best use of time, it is very helpful if an appointment can be made and your area of interest given ahead.


Please request an appointment to tour the Exhibits on display at the Heritage Center - during the winter months we do not have regular hours. There are docents available at many times of the day and also on the weekend - we will try to accomodate your requested time.

Please see our website to make appointments:

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Your donations and sponsorships help the Merrill Historical Society to offer the community a chance to share memories and learn about the strengths of our founders, our travels through the past hundred years and how that will leave an imprint on our community. Thanks for considering a donation to the Merrill Historical Society.

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