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We are planning a June 12 Grand Opening.

Remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Development in the early years depends on providing young children with exposure to new and stimulating experiences; caring, responsive adults; and safe and nurturing communities. The Children’s Museum of Green Bay will encourage children to learn according to their own developmental readiness, in their own styles, by offering hands-on activities that allow them to tinker, experiment and observe. No child will fail here.

The multi-sensory exhibits will enhance curiosity, teach problem solving and encourage social interaction and communication. They will help children learn about the world around them, whether it’s running the grocery store, building a new house or cruising under the sea in a submarine. As boys and girls freely interact with the exhibits, they will develop curiosity and creativity, leading their own learning experiences.

This museum will ask children to ―Please touch. In this safe, creative and educational environment, children will develop self-confidence and social skills and experience different perspectives through role-playing.


Place where children play to learn and parents learn to play.

Educational Programs

Our exhibits emerge from the local fabric of life that children experience all around them.

With the Mighty Oak, Bay and Fox River, lighthouse, campground and fishing pier, our exhibits reflect the history of the region that makes us unique. The museum’s commitment to sustainability, which will include using as many natural materials and employing local artists and craftspeople, is another way for children to come to a deeper appreciation of the region in which they live.

  • “The Mighty Oak” - The Mighty Oak Tree will have plenty of interactive areas and give us an opportunity to teach children about life cycles, the Gypsy Moth and which animals make a tree home.
  • “Water Gallery” - With Fishing and Sail Boats, Light House, Camp Ground and the Great Lakes Kiosk, kids are sure to enjoy all the life experiences this exhibit will provide. The Coast Guard will visit monthly to talk about water safety and the DNR will help children understand the challenges the Fox River and Green Bay face related to pollution. The sailboat area will include pumps, paddles, and tubes, all of which will help children better understand the dynamics of water.
  • “Safety Street” - With the pumper truck and the fire safety house, this exhibit will not only be popular with kids of all ages, but will also help us teach children and families how to prevent a fire and what to do in case of one.
  • “Imagination Station” - This exhibit will offer pottery, painting and beading areas. Monthly visits from area artists will give children the opportunity to experience oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints.
  • “Our Town” - This exhibit will have all the features of a miniature town, including a grocery store, where kids will shop for groceries, buy flowers and meet and visit the bakery prior to checking out at an interactive, authentic cash register.


Wheelchair Accessible


Got Time? Got Talent?

Interested in making a difference? - The new Green Bay Children's Museum has many volunteer opportunities available. No prior experience needed. If you like having fun and making a difference in children's lives, please consider sharing your time and/or talents with us!

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