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W892 County Rd. EE
DePere, WI 54115
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PO Box 365
Oneida, WI 54155
phone: 920-869-2768
September - May
Tuesday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
June - August
Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Adults: $2.00 per person
Children/Seniors: $1.00 per person
Tours: Please call 920-869-6534 for availability and pricing
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Rita Lara, Director
phone: 920-869-2768
Sara Summers, Assistant Director/Collection Management
phone: 920-869-6531
Susan Peterson, Administrative Assistant
phone: 920-869-6539
Josh Gerzetich, Cultural Educator
phone: 920-869-6534
Michelle Hill, Gift Shop Coord
phone: 920-869-6538
Edmund Blackthunder, Gift Shop Coord
phone: 920-869-6538


What's new at the Museum you ask?

The Oneida Nation Museum is in its 33rd year of operation! Each year we install 2-3 new exhibitas so that visitors have something new to see. This year, we are showcasing a new exhibit on the Oneida's role in the world of Argicultural. Oneida's Agricultural Legacy: Our relationship with the Earth from New York to Wisconsin. Also we are bringing to us an International Bead exhibit called the Power of Place-Strength of Being - The works of Samuel Thomas, a cyuga beader. There will be an exhibit that explores the paralles between the Great Law and the United States Government. Did you know that Oneida's where in the war of 1812? Aside from our new exhibits, we also offer a series of Saturday cultural activities through the summer months. Some of these include language, traditional games, pinch pottery, corn husk doll making and traditional foods. Our lecture series will be throught out the year And of course, we will be having our Annual Cultural Festival on Thursady, June 28th. This is a FREE family event with cultural demonstrations, craft activities, museum tours and entertainment. Pleas visit our web page or call us for more information on any of these events.


The Oneida Nation Museum was funded with a Bicentennial Grant in 1976 and open to the public in June of 1979. The building was constructed by Native American Trainees, under a program called the Indian Action Team. The Museum has since become the central repository of Oneida culture and history in Wisconsin.

Artifacts Collections

We have a wide range of artifacts spanning from pre-contact to post-contact. Our collection is most likely one of the biggest Oneida/Iroquois based collections in the United States. They include; textiles, maps, photographs, manuscripts, art pieces, leatherwork, pottery, silver work, raised beadwork just to name a few.

Research Collections

Currently, we do not offer a research collection.

Educational Programs

. Currently, we offer tours to anyone who requests one. Large group tours should be scheduled in advance to ensure proper coverage. The tour guide will take you through each exhibit in the Museum and answer any of your questions.
Tour Fees: $3.00 per person (includes, children, adults, and seniors) . We also offer a Hands-On Presentation. This entails our Museum Educator or Interpreter going to the school or organization instead of the group coming to the Museum. This is advantageous to groups who may not be able to afford transportation, or it's unfeasible for the group to come here. The Educator or Interpreter will bring several items from our hands-on collection, a slide show, and any relevant handouts. All items can be touched and experienced. Hands-On Presentations must be scheduled in advance.
Hands-On Fees: $75.00 for the 1st hour, $25 for each additional hour. If location is outside our 50 mile radius, a mileage fee will be charged.
Our Educator and Interpreter have, on ocassion, performed lectures for area universities and educational groups. They can be contacted for more information or booking.


The Oneida Nation Museum is fully supported by the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. The Oneida Business Committee is our acting board of directors.


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