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Youth 12 to 18 $1
Children under 12 Free
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Sandra Ackman, Director


Our mission is to collect, preserve and publish material for the study of history, particularly the history of Custer County and the surrounding Black Hills area.

The constructed of bricks kilned locally, is of Italianate design. Built in 1880 and open January 1881 in Dakota Territory eight years before South Dakota became a state. This building was the hub of Custer County development from 1881 to 1974. It has been a Museum since 1976 now dedicated to preserving the history of the area. The Museum has been preserving and displaying Custer County history through the efforts of the Custer County Historical Society with the help of many volunteers. This building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interiors on November 27, 1972.

THE CUSTER EXPEDITION ROOM features photographs taken by Illingworth on the 1874 Expedition into the Black Hills led by famed Civil War General George A. Custer. Artifacts on display include a rifle used by Custer to hunt antelope at Fort Hays, Kansas, his shoulder epaulets, a first edition of his book, My Life on the Plains, items found at the campsite west of town, a fan given to a friend by the Custers, and remains of a tree bearing carving by one of the members of the expedition. Horatio N. Ross, discoverer of gold on French Creek, was with the expedition.

OUTSIDE, Museum's out building and Exhibits are a hand-hewn log building housing printing equipment from Custer’s 1879 first continuously operated NEWSPAPER; a brick building (originally the outhouse!) housing early BLACKSMITH forge and tools; the site of Custer County’s only legal hanging; and a CARRIAGE HOUSE with vehicles used in the 1870’s to 1920.


THE BOOKSTORE offers fine books, and videos showcasing local authors and local history, unique items of regional interest, and children’s books and games. Custer Historical playing card are available be for $7.50. If you would like to order books call or e-mail us. We can arrange to ship your selections for you. Income from the Book Store helps to support the Museum’s needs.


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