Street Address
117 Main St.
Hill City, SD 57745
Mailing Address
PO Box 643
Hill City, SD 57745
phone: 605-574-4289
fax: 605-574-2518
7.50 for thirteen and up 4.50 for seven to twelve six and under free
Museum Type(s)
Pete Larson, President
Larry Shaffer, Media Guy


Black Hills Institute of Geological Research Inc., has long been recognized as the world’s finest paleontological and earth science supply house. The Institute’s primary business is supplying professionally prepared fossils, fossil casts, and mineral specimens for research, teaching, and display. Our staff have been the leaders in developing new techniques and new materials for use in fossil exploration, collection, preparation, and exhibition.


Black Hills Institute often fields inquiries regarding fossils which amateur collectors or landowners have discovered. Sometimes we are asked for advice, or 'how to...' involving removal or preservation of a fossil specimen. In other instances we will visit the site, assess its scientific or commercial potential and make recommendations to the landowner or discoverer (with landowner permission). Our expertise in evaluating fossils in the field allows us to fairly recommend whether it is worthwhile to proceed with an excavation. If a fossil is worthwhile we sometimes contract with the owner and/or the discoverer to pursue the fossil ourselves.


Access: Students, Scholars, Staff Only

Appointment required: Yes