Street Address
605 Hughes Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99701-7539
Mailing Address
605 Hughes Avenue
Fairbanks, AK 99701-7539
phone: 907-452-1648
fax: 907-456-4148
No appointment (call ahead 1-2 days) to make sure someone is at the office to show what's there, maybe as close as 1 hr. ahead of arrival.
No admission fee; donations accepted.
Museum Type(s)
Mr. Steve Ginnis, Executive Director
Doreen Deaton, Interim Executive Director
phone: 907-452-1648
Maurine Mcginty, Executive Secretary


In 1967 FNA was incorporated as a nonprofit under the laws of the State of Alaska. Membership then as it is now was open to Alaska Natives and American Indians of one-quarter blood or greater who once a year elect a nine-person board of directors. Today FNA is a powerful and influential Native American voice in Alaska. Over the years our organization has changed public policies that were discriminatory to our people and our programs have helped countless people find new jobs, maintain sobriety, celebrate their culture, and receive an education.


To provide quality services in a professional manner for its membership and the greater Fairbanks community. These services are provided through special and innovative programs, which preserves the membership’s unique lifestyle and culture, while improving the quality of life for the community.

Artifacts Collections

At the main office, 605 Hughes Ave., JOM/Johnson O'Malley Office, at the other end of the bldg. & Graf program.


Every year there is 3 openings for Fbks. Native Assn.'s Board of Directors. They serve 3 years & either get re-elected or lose to a new contender.


Access: General Public

Appointment required: Yes


newsletter, 4 times @ yr. & annual report @ yr.

  • "The Newletter", published 4 times a yr.
  • Annual report: Fairbanks Native Association, "Honoring our youth"


Wheelchair Accessible