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Cheryl O'Malley, President
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The Dwight-Derby House is about 75% restored. Over the past years we have done structural improvments,restoration, dendrochronology testing for structure dating, and conducted archaeological digs.

We have had many visitors including descendants, school age children, architectual students, and the general public. Several exhibits, fundraisers, and functions both public and private have taken place.

The setting of the Dwight-Derby House is one from the 1700's. A mill pond and meeting house from that era, located across the street, allows you to be transported back in time.


In 1996, The Dwight-Derby House was bought by the town of Medfield, Massachusetts. Shortly after, the Friends of the Dwight-Derby House was formed to restore, manage and share its historic significance with the community.

Today, we are listed as a national historic site in the National Register of Historic Places. Timothy Dwight was the original owner of the Dwight-Derby House. He and 12 others came to Medfield, Massachusetts from Dedham,Massachusetts and signed the settlement agreement in 1650. He was issued a house lot, of 12 acres, in the center of town near to the original meetinghouse. The Dwight family lived upon this estate for four generations.

The second family who owned and occupied the house, for another four generations, was the Derby family. Starting with John Derby grandson of Elias Hasket Derby, of Salem, Massachusetts, America's first millionair.


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