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Ellyn Moller, Chairman
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It's as if each piece in the collection has a secret. Each piece held special meaning to its owner who's wish it was to be donated to the Milton Art Museum. Items came from local families and collectors who believed art was to shared and supported. From homes, through travels, and via private collections, the museum proudly exhibits over 270 objects of Asian and Western origin. This is the spirit in which the museum was founded.
Our vision is to maintain the mission of the Milton Art Museum which is to exist as a local cultural center to exhibit art objects for the enjoyment of adults and children. Our on-going education program, the support of an active membership, and the dedication of a voluntary Board of Directors keep the museum functioning as a valuable community resource, providing opportunities for education for children and adults in cultural history, art history, studio art, and music. The museum also provides a link between artist and community with exhibition venues several times a year.
Our vision for the future is to continue growing our collection, expand the reach of education programs, and develop stronger financial support through sponsorships, grants, and private contributions. This would allow us to focus more on widening our calendar of events and make a larger footprint in the community as a cultural resource.


Established in 1986, the Milton Art Museum was located at the Cunningham Elementary School. The collection was a resource to the students and an active after school art program was offered to PreK thru Grade 5. Classes also ran for Teens and Adults. Relocated to Massasoit Community College in 2003.

Artifacts Collections

The Asian Collection includes examples of original art and artifacts, prints, sculptures and craftsmanship from the Asian cultures. Thai Headdresses, Bhuddahs, Furniture, Sume-i painting, Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy are on permanent display. The Western collection includes Remington and Russell cast bronzes, and American and European etchings and lithographs spanning from 18th to the 20th century. On exhibit are Piranesi, Turner, Renoir, Picasso, Chagall, Manet, Cezanne, Kollwitz, Whistler, Signac and Baskin to name a few. We are honored to display the centerpiece of the collection, a 17th century oil painting by the Dutch painter Cornelius Bisschop, still nestled in its original gold gilt frame. Our modern art collection of signed prints include Warhol, Dali, Margritte, Komjate, Miro, Motherwell, Hundertwasser, Lebadang, and Calder.

Research Collections

Art History students have provided copies of research papers on selected pieces for the museum's files.


501(c)3 which operates independently from Massasoit Community College by a voluntary Board of Trustees