Street Address
2969 Court Street
Bartlett, TN 38134
Mailing Address
2969 Court Street
Bartlett, TN 38134
phone: 901-372-8642
Open first and third Sundays:
Sunday2 PM - 4 PM
To arrange a tour, call 901/373-8433.
Free, but donations graciously accepted.
Suzanne Griffith Coleman, Museum Director
phone: 901-372-8642


The Bartlett Museum, located in the Gotten House, contains historical displays that serve to help our citizens learn about the rich heritage of our community and its former citizens. In addition, the Museum is furnished with period furniture which allows it to retain that 'homey' feeling while one is visiting the building. Our vision and goal is and always has been to educate our citizens about the community's heritage and preserve that heritage for future generations.


The Bartlett Historical Society was established in 1982 to preserve the history of our city at a time when many historical homes were being torn down in the name of "progress" The Bartlett Historical Society is located in the historical Gotten House which was built in 1871 and contains historical artifacts from Bartlett since the 1830s. There are also extensive files on people who have lived in Bartlett since the 1840s.

Artifacts Collections

Records, pictures and artifacts that depict and explain the history of the community of Bartlett.

Research Collections

Records, pictures and artifacts.


Wheelchair Accessible