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This museum contains letters and books from Cordell Hull.

Cordell Hull was Secretary of State during the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration. He is considered the Father of the United Nations, and the Norwegian Nobel Committee presented the 1945 Nobel Prize for Peace to Hull in recognition of his work in the Western Hemispheres, for his International Trade Agreements, and for his efforts in establishing the United Nations.

Cordell Hull (October 2, 1871-July 23, 1955) was born in a log cabin in present day Pickett County, Tennessee. The cabin has been restored to what is believed to be it’s original conformation and is open for viewing.

A museum on the grounds houses photos, documents and artifacts from Secretary Hull’s life, including the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition to the historic section of the park, there is a scenic trail to spectacular Bunkum Cave where Cordell Hull’s father made moonshine.

Gift Shop

We have a display case where cards, shirts, and caps may be purchased.


To provide resources and promote the life and legacy of Cordell Hull.


This museum contains many of the writings of Cordell Hull as well as a large collection of his books.

Artifacts Collections

From all over the world.

Research Collections

Private collection owned by Friends of Cordell Hull

Educational Programs

Materials are to be used on-site. No materials are allowed to leave the building. This is a multi-million dollar museaum that has a self-guided tour as well as a replica cabin.


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