Street Address
690 Erwin Hwy
Greeneville, TN 37443
Mailing Address
Post Office Box 5026
Greeneville, TN 37443
phone: 423-636-8554
Monday - Friday9 AM - 5 PM
Closed Tusculum College holidays
Regular Admission: Adults-$5.00 Children-$2.00
Please call for educational program or group fees.
Leah Walker, Site Manager


The museum uses its collections and resources to promote the study and research of history, education, religion, and cultural heritage of the people of Northeast Tennessee and the state. 10,000 children and adults participate in the educational programs available at the Doak House Museum.

Look us up on Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date information on activities at the Doak House Museum and the President Andrew Johnson Museum and Library.

There are seven educational and entertaining programs offered at the Doak House Museum that will engage your class in a variety of activities. Please share your experiences at the Doak House Museum on Facebook or Twitter. For more information, please contact Dollie at the Doak House Museum at 1-800-729-0256 ext. 5251 or (423)636-8554 or via email at


Its mission is collecting, interpreting, researching, preserving, and exhibiting the original Doak House, college related artifacts (since 1794), Doak family artifacts (1830-1860), and educational and religious artifacts and documents from Northeast Tennessee.