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Heritage Playing Cards - See a World in your Hand . . . .

We supply many museums around the world with our ever-growing range of illustrated playing cards.
Since the formation of our company in 1993 over 4 million decks of our cards have found their way into people's homes all over the world.
Each deck of cards shows 54 beautiful reproductions of original color illustrations, all especially commissioned from artists for use on playing cards. This unique collection of products transforms everyday, familiar items into unique, educational reference tools. All illustrations are titled underneath with common and Latin names of species, together with, for example, a size indication, geographical origin or perhaps an interesting fact.

Heritage Playing Cards - Bringing Nature to Life . . .

Our company is perhaps best known for its Natural History products, but we cover many subjects and themes, including British History. People of all ages and interests find our illustrated playing cards delightful on the eye, fun to use, and the perfect souvenir or gift to re-enforce the 'learning experience' of a museum visit. With a recommended retail price of $5 - $6 they are affordable, yet perceived as quality items of enduring value. Many purchasers subsequently become collectors of our playing cards, and the cards themselves are now to be found in many National Playing Card Museum Collections, including Paris, (France) Nuremberg (Germany) & Turnhout (Belgium).

All of our playing cards are printed in Europe or the USA on board stock made from pulp from sustainable European plantation sources.
We offer free display materials for your gift store, excellent service & fast shipping times. For more information, visit our website or call our Sales Office in Virginia.

Heritage Playing Cards - Making the Past into the Perfect Present . . . . . . . .