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Andy Kautza, Sculptor
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When you want something spectacular, amazing and extraordinary where do you go? When dreams and desires call for incredible end results, who will create this reality? National Rock & Sculpture, Inc.!

National Rock & Sculpture’s 37-year history in the Theme Design/Design Build Industry/Theme Construction proves our passion for our work, commitment to quality and customer service. Our highly trained artistic teams create unique and original designs as they draw, carve and paint the elements that make your project stand out from all the rest.

The possibilities for theme design are literally endless, if your firm becomes involved with a project requiring out of the ordinary theme construction, we would be very interested in presenting a proposal. National Rock has had the pleasure of creating exceptional theme design and theme construction in many commercial venues such as:

  • Experiential/Theme Design
  • Art Concept/Renderings
  • Themed Sets & Dioramas
  • Free Standing Statuary
  • Murals(all scales/lrg 40ft x 50ft)
  • Foliage, Supplies & Placement
  • Retail Stores Interior & Exterior
  • Logos & Character Icons
  • Artificial Environments
  • Signage & Signage Design
  • Interior/Exterior Building facades
  • Restaurants, Bars, Public Areas
  • Amusement Parks
  • Exterior Waterpark
  • Aquatic & Indoor Waterpark Rooms

In addition to fantastic commercial applications, NRS also creates luxurious environments for residential clients who wish to have surroundings which are above average. National Rock takes pride in our craftsmanship would be pleased to show examples of the fine work we have produced. Please feel free to call our office for any additional information, and if you wish, to set up a meeting at your convenience.