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SoLux is a patented light source that provides an unparalleled replication of daylight minus potentially harmful ultraviolet and infrared light. You will find a wealth of information about daylight and how to improve your lighting on our website Our website offers the following:

  • Products. We offer a large selection of products for you to use SoLux in your Museum, Gallery or Home.
  • Technical Information including spectral power distributions, ies files, and photometric charts.
  • Lists of Museums, Galleries, and Artists that specify SoLux.
  • NPR report on SoLux
  • What is Daylight? An informational PowerPoint presentation that separates fact from fiction.
  • Daylight: Is it in the eye of the beholder? A paper written by SoLux inventor Kevin McGuire explaining how the eye's response to light and color changes with brightness and how this is used to choose the best light for art.
  • An independent paper by Weintraub, Gordon, Scuello, and Abramov confirming 3600K (SoLux) as the preferred lighting condition to illuminate art work.
  • Ultraviolet Primer. An explanation of why UV radiation is harmful to paintings and what can be done to minimize damage to artwork.