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ArcheoArts specializes in smaller museums and smaller budgets, yet produces major-museum/high-budget results. Let us restore and repair your exisiting acquisitons and showcase them in updated, visually stunning new exhibits.

Life-like museum life-models; exhibit design and construction including original concepts and narratives; restoration and repair of fossils, minerals, artifacts; more


A superb Tyrannosaurid fossil was jostled, sending the right half of the lower jaw crashing to the floor to smash into more than 26 pieces. Because of the rarity and value of the fossil, and the severity of the damage, only someone with excellent knowledge of dinosaur anatomy and experience with fossil restoration could be trusted. Restoration took more than a week of painstaking matching, gluing, and painting to achieve nearly flawless results.


After 200 years and untold thousands of feet, the original terra cotta floor in a historic Cape Town, South Africa, church had been worn completely through in places. The floor was uneven, unsightly, and extremely dangerous. Archeo~Arts was asked to undertake the massive restoration project. Worn areas were filled, smoothed, and distressed to maintain the look the correct age, then hand-finished to match the undamaged areas.

Who is Terri Haag?

Terri Haag is a professional writer, publications designer, art restorer, museum exhibit designer, blogger, and artist. She has also been an ambulance driver, marketing director, phlebotomist, bartender, and publisher. She has ridden in helicopters over glaciers in Irian Jaya, babysat baby chimpanzees in Zambia, was swept away while scuba diving in Belize, got married in a Polish salt mine, white-water rafted Namibia's Orange River, helped tag great white sharks in South Africa, fossil hunted in the Great Karoo, and was emergency med-evacked from Namibia with cerebral malaria.

Haag lived and worked in Cape Town, South Africa, for 8 years. While there she created large-scale museum and aquarium exhibits, rescued penguins, and wrote numerous feature-length magazine articles for international publications. Since returning to Tucson in 2005, Terri created and installed popular exhibits at Tucson Botanical Gardens; mounted a dinosaur skeleton; hand-built fossil saber-tooth cat mandibles; and a created a full-size (non-working) replica of a nuclear warhead.