589 Bay Road
Hamilton, MA 01936
phone: 978-347-6010
Stefanie Joy Muscat, Founder & Director
phone: 978-347-6010
Leandra DeFeo, Contact
Jeremy Slavitz, Contact


Bevara is a Swedish word that means "to protect, to keep", and this spirit is at the heart of our company. Our firm, founded in 2004, provides strategic, creative and affordable solutions to protect and present art, heritage and culture - for clients in Europe and the Americas.

Bevara provides three core areas of service and expertise. (1) Storytelling, through means which engage, spark imagination and resonate with multiple audiences. (2) Preserving these stories, and the collections and archives which support them. (3) Developing initiatives, plans and strategies, so that organizations (the "keepers") remain sustainable and more capable of fulfilling their mission.

Please contact us to discuss your project or for information about Bevara. You can rest assure, whatever the size of budget, we will always give your project the same attention to detail.