11 Painted Trillium Trail
Black Mountain, NC 28711
phone: 623-523-1299
Jem Klein, Owner & Craftsman
phone: 623-523-1299


Source for unique handcrafted eco friendly women's accessories. Jem's work includes botanically correct earrings, pins and barrettes. Each piece is made from sustainably harvested North American wood and is a one of a kind affordable work of art.

Jem’s unique handcrafted barrettes are made from sustainably harvested North American wood and are buffed with an eco-friendly finish of certified organic flaxseed oil and bee's wax sourced from natural beekeepers.

Barrette clasps are glued with a non-toxic, flexible adhesive and secured with screws to ensure long term strength and durability. The barrettes are made in the USA but have premium quality backings from France. They have a built in spring for holding a wide variety of hair types. The backside of each barrette is signed by Jem and the wood used is indicated.

Jem Klein is a woodworker and flute maker. His work has been displayed in galleries and museums throughout the USA. He has a great passion and appreciation for the natural world and enjoys working with mediums such a wood and bamboo.