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History meets the 21st century in the History Publishing Company. Featured under the History Publishing Company's imprint are non-fiction accounts, memoirs and compilations, about American and World history. Under the Today's Books imprint are issues affecting contemporary life. The newest imprint, Chronology Books, is dedicated to people whose interesting lives have allowed them to share in the making of history.

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Unravel the American Civil War with Historyscope

You will now be able to understand the American Civil War as very few people do. The computer has made it possible. There has been no more complex subject in American history than the American Civil War. Its flame scorched the fabric of the nation. It consisted of 10,500 conflicts between Union and Confederate forces in which 620,000 lives were lost. Of those, historians point to 384 major battles as having shaped the outcome of the wa

How do you get to understand it? Reading helps but that takes an endless amount of time. But now because of the design and plotting power of computer technology, you can actually see it. The Civil War Historyscope does just that. Because of visualization you can now understand the Civil War quickly and develop an authoritative knowledge very few people have. Please see our website for a closer look!

Designed as a full color graphic, the Civil War Historyscope is a 2 foot by 3 foot, full color graphic much the same size as a war map used in the Civil War. The five theaters of war—yes, there were five—are shown in a parallel lay-out of time and space made possible by the power of the computer.

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History Publishing is looking for interesting stories that make up history. If you have a story about an aspect of history that would have an appeal to a large niche or a broad readership, History Publishing is interested.