237 12th Street, Unit 1
Brooklyn, NY 11215
phone: 212-219-8181
fax: 646-688-4856
Peter Hyde, Owner
phone: 212-219-8181


Peter Hyde Design was founded to bring high quality design and interpretive services to our clients. We realize that today's clients require vendors capable of adjusting to their budgets, schedules, required services based on the specific project needs. Utilizing a flexible business and studio model Peter Hyde Design is able to provide services for smaller size, low budget and fast paced projects to very large, high budget multi-year projects with equal creativity, attention and successful outcome.

Peter Hyde Design's expertise and experience includes all aspects of design, fabrication, graphic production, kinetic interactives, interior architecture construction, media production, audio-visual design and site installation.

Peter Hyde Design provides dynamic and innovative design solutions for Master Planning, Concept Designs and full turnkey projects. We tailor the design to the specific communication goals, educational goals, content and budget for each project. Our ability to collaborate closely with clients and content specialists coupled with our varied project experience, creates visually exciting, educational and rewarding experiences for our clients' target audiences.

Services offered include Exhibition Design, Branded Experience Design,Interior Design, Master Planning, Broadcast Set Design,Rendering, Interpretive Specialist Services, Curatorial Services, Label Copy Writing, Graphic Design and Graphic Production.