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Paul Bernhard, Founder
phone: 310-699-7840
Jeff Poss, Production Director
phone: 512-563-3768
Troy Engel, Creative Director
phone: 832-286-8369
Ashley Barlow, Business Development Director
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PBE creates museum exhibitions. PBE is a diverse team of designers, content specialists, writers, programmers, engineers, graphic artists, fabricators, technicians, administrators—and other hard-working go-getters, all collaborating to produce a vast variety of projects across a multitude of media. PBE's work reflects the team's diversity: whether the task is creating heavily-themed, immersive environments, digital media, or movie sets, PBE realizes a vision that meets the goals of the organizations it serves.

Fields of professional services:

Architectural Design Firms;Art;Audio Visual Programs;Audio Visual Services;Audio Visual Services - Animation;Audio Visual Services - Audio Tours;Audio Visual Services - Video/Film;Computers - Software;Computers - Software - Simulation;Consultants;Display Hardware - Cases;Donor Programs;Exhibit Design;Exhibition Services;Freelance Writers;Fundraising Services;Graphic Design;Holography;Interactive Programs and Exhibits;Interior Design;Lighting;Lighting - Lightboxes;Lighting - Shadowboxes;Master Planning;Marketing;Scale Models & Dioramas;Murals;Photographic Services;Posters;Public Relations;Robotics;Signage;Traveling Exhibitions

Meet the Team

Paul Bernhard: Paul is a writer, producer, designer, content specialist, and exhibit developer. Over the course of his 25 years in the museum industry, Paul has worked closely with numerous organizations around the country and the world, including clients in Texas, California, Colorado, New York, Azerbaijan, China, Egypt, France, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. In addition to heading up the Content Development Team, Paul collaborates with customers on everything from project feasibility to fundraising and marketing. Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, magna cum laude, from Duke University and is a retired Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve.

Jeff Poss: Jeff Poss is an artist, designer, fabricator, and project director with experience in both the exhibition fabrication and film production industries. As a sculptor, he works with foam, fiberglass, and urethane coating systems; rigid and flexible molds and casts; props, effects, steel fabrication, and carpentry. During his 25 years in the museum industry, Jeff has honed his skill in cost and labor projections, construction management, team management, and the nuances of the fabrication process.

Troy Engel: Troy Engel is a sculptor, designer, and CG modeler/animator. He takes a project from concept to completion using the traditional arts of painting, illustration, and storyboarding, as well use of 3D modeling, animation, and graphics software. He has worked in such diverse fields as film production, legal simulation, product visualization, architectural virtual tours, corporate presentations, 3D video game development, multimedia kiosks, and video walls. With his 25 years of design experience, Troy has honed his specialty of developing comprehensive CG visuals early in a project—a boon to fundraising, marketing, and the realization of our client’s vision.