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Samantha Chmelik, Principal
phone: 520-274-4344


MuseOps, a Preston Argus service

MuseOps, a Preston Argus service, helps museums and historic sites analyze information and make decisions that are easily explainable to staff, board members, donors, the community, and other stakeholders. Our analytical models help you maximize your resources to best fulfill your mission and provide quality experiences for your visitors.

Focus on Mission

Our analytical models maximize your resources to best fulfill your mission and provide quality experiences to your visitors.

Maximize Resources

We work directly with you to provide an independent and objective analysis of your information – using analytical models to transform your information into insight.

Interactive Consultations

A goals consultation, staff interviews, and deliverable reviews ensure that you are an active participant in the analytical process

Tailored Results

MuseOps reviews your data, project goals, and organizational strategy to provide a custom, actionable analysis

Final Presentation

MuseOps presents results to you via a virtual or in-person de brief – giving you and your team the opportunity to ask questions and fully understand our recommendations.

Meet Samantha Chmelik

Samantha Chmelik, principal of Preston Argus, uses her background in operations management, benchmarking, and strategic planning to help cultural and history organizations implement their missions. She has worked and volunteered at libraries, museums, and non-profit organizations for two decades. She is also the author of Museum and Historic Site Management: A Case Study Approach, Rowman & Littlefield, 2015 and Museum Operations: A Handbook of Tools, Templates, and Models, Rowman & Littlefield, 2017.