34 NE 50 Terrace
Maimi, FL 33137
phone: 305-772-5466
Julie Brumlik, Owner and pop farmer
phone: 305-772-5466


Popular exciting affordable artist designed pop-up greeting cards that are laser-cut and 100% hand-assembled. Sold in over a dozen museum gift shops and botanical gardens now, and wanting to expand. Designs include Frida Kahlo and Banksy, and many trees, flowers and butterflies.

Traditional Vietnamese paper sculpture pop-up cards are as architecturally beautiful as a pagoda and as delicate as lace. The wishes they embody for the special people in your life blossom into delightful three-dimensional works of art. We picked some of the most elegant designs, tweaked them a bit for a more modern look, and hired the best local workshop we could find to hand-assemble them. Their museum-quality artistry makes for a perfect small gift or party favor. Buy a bunch and keep them around for all the occasions when you want to show your thoughtfulness.

Our Commitment to Humanity

We are an anti-sweatshop company. Our 3-D pop-up cards are hand-crafted in an air-conditioned factory by workers who are fairly paid and who receive health insurance.