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Bowling Green, Ohio
Perrysburg, Ohio
History, Historical Society, Military
William Henry Harrison built Fort Meigs on the Maumee River in 1813 to protect northwest Ohio and Indiana from British invasion. Today's reconstruction is one of the largest log forts in America. British and Canadian troops, assisted by Indians under Tecumseh, besieged the fort twice. The 10-acre log enclosure with 7 blockhouses and 5 emplacements presented a formidable defense.
Perrysburg, Ohio
Bowling Green, Ohio
Waterville, Ohio
Grand Rapids, Ohio
History, Nature Centers, Science
Seven Eagles is a Historical Education Center; the name EARTH Center (Art surrounded by Environment and History, i.e. E=environment + ART + H=history) is an effort to embody varied elements of educational opportunity at the Center.
Toledo, Ohio
Whitehouse, Ohio
Historical Society
Maumee, Ohio
General, History, Historic House, Historical Society, Library
As a member of the Society, there are certain special benefits depending on level of membership. These benefits include individual and family free admission to the Wolcott House Museum Complex, discounts at the Museum Gift Shop, discounts on special events, and a subscription to the publication Northwest Ohio Quarterly.
Bowling Green, Ohio