Street Address
One University Place
Chester, PA 19013
Mailing Address
PMC Museum of Widener University
One University Place
Chester, PA 19013
During the Academic Year
Saturday10 AM - 1 PM
Open 10:00AM to 1:00PM most Saturdays during the Academic Year, and by appointment through Widener's Alumni Office at 610-499-1154. See the PMC Museum website for more information on visiting the museum.
Free and open to the public. Donations welcome.
Free. Donations Accepted.
Jan Alexander, Archivist/Collections Manager
phone: 610-499-4591
Ron Romanowicz, Chair, PMC Museum Committee


The PMC Museum brings to life the history of Pennsylvania Military College, known in its time as the "West Point of the Keystone State." The museum's exhibits, through photographs, audio and video displays, and a wealth of artifacts, not only re-create life at PMC, but also tell the stories of the athletic and academic accomplishments of PMC students. As a lasting monument to PMC and its cadre of alumni, the PMC Museum honors the military and civilian achievements of its graduates.

It tells the stories of the valor of officers who served in every U.S. war and conflict since 1860; of a Pennsylvania Military Academy football captain calling plays with cadet numbers instead of names in an 1887 game against Princeton and thus changing this national sport forever; of a renowned polo team that earned international honors; of the legendary Pershing Rifle Drill Team; and of the PMC Band at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair.


The PMC Museum gathers, preserves, and makes available to the public the wealth of Pennsylvania Military College history.


The PMC Museum opened in 2000 as a lasting tribute to Pennsylvania Military College. Starting out with photographic and artifact displays, increasing emphasis is now being placed on telling the PMC story through dynamic audio and video presentations.

Artifacts Collections

The collection includes an impressive array of uniforms, trophies, memorabilia, and artifacts, as well as special exhibits for athletics, cadet life, the Pershing Rifles, the Mounted Cadet, and alumni achievements

Research Collections

In cooperation with the Widener University Archives, vintage films, photographs, and documents continue to be converted to digitized formats and made accessible to alumni and their descendants, the university, surrounding communities, and visitors and researchers nationwide.


The PMC Museum is located in Widener's Alumni Auditorium, which contains an auditorium of 300 seats that is used as a lecture hall and performance area. The museum itself is located in an addition to the auditorium.


The PMC Museum Committee, in conjunction with Widener staff, is responsible for the development and day to day implementation of the Museum's policies, planning, and procedures. The PMC Museum Committee is composed of PMC Alumni and others, and operates under the auspices of Widener University.


Wheelchair Accessible



Fundraising and the PMC Legacy

The PMC Museum, initiated in 1998 by PMC alumni, actively seeks donations in an effort to carry on Pennsylvania Military College's long-standing legacy. The PMC Museum Committee is responsible for raising all funds needed for renovation and construction, collection and exhibit assembly, and a perpetual endowment fund.

PMC Alumni are encouraged to participate in three ways: 1. Give a cash gift. 2. Participate in the charitable gift annuity. 3. Donate PMC memorabilia.